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- Gamescom 2011 - Jagged Alliance Online first impressions

Jagged Alliance Online is the modern version of the ever-popular classic game Jagged Alliance.

The game is a turn-based tactical action RPG builds on the series' strengths to become a browser-based MMOG with extraordinarily high-quality graphics and an unparalleled game experience. Also an innovative player vs. player mode allows players to measure their skills against those of other players.

Jagged Alliance Online Gamescom presented features:

-    Turn based browser game
-    You can heal and revive fallen mercenaries after a match
-    Mercenaries can be geared up with armors, weapons and other items and their skills can be upgraded.
-    There are different pvp modes so players can fight themselves.
-    There is crafting, the standard stuff.
-    Interactive maps where objects can explode and realistic physics so characters can fall down when hit or killed.
-    Firing modes switching, single, double, and so on.
-    You earn points as you play and can use them to improve some actions results, like hit probability.
-    You mercenaries’ defense vary depending on from where they are hit.
-    Closed beta test  between end of October and early November, launch 2012.

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