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- Gamescom 2011 - Firefall details and features

Firefall is a team-based action shooter that you can join your friends in an epic online campaign across a vast open world to stop the Melding and fight for the survival of humanity against the army of the Chosen.
Advance your army and character through technological upgrades. Level up different character classes. Compete for supremacy in various multiplayer game types.

Details and features that we have seen in the Gamescom

-    When a character is about to die, it switches to a passive state that allows you to execute him if it’s your foe or revive it if he’s a friend.
-    Max players per match may vary, being 16 the usual but there are huge maps with far more players capabilities.
-    PvP will run on instanced only maps
-    You can create just one character and level up each single battleframe (classes/equipment) which will avoid repeating content like missions, both pve and pvp content will earn you experience for your current equipped battleframe
-    There are dynamic events on the pve open world, like being attacked while on the main city for example, you have to try to defend the city from npc attackers.
-    Release area will have a size near to the  double of Hellfire peninsula, and they will keep releasing new content and unlocking new areas as the game runs by running server events where players will have to fight for unlocking those areas.
-    There will be only one server per region, USA, EU and so on, and pve open world will be crowded with players while pvp queuing will take few time.

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