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- Gamescom 2011 - More info about World of battleshipss

In the Gamescom we had the opportunity to speak with Victor Kislyi the CEO of Wargaming, about the games of Victor revealed us the future game currently under development, World of Battleships, and he gave us a first exclusive cinematic trailer to show us a little bit the game.

Basically, World of Battleships will be a game based on battles between huge and powerfull warships from WWII. As you will be engaged in fights with big ships, the gameplay could be a bit slower and more tactical than in World of Warplanes or World of Tanks.

But don’t worry, Victor gave his word that the game is going to be fun and graphically and technically as great as the other two games.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 22/08/2011


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