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- Gamescom 2011 - More info Prime World

In the Gamescom we had the opportunity to play to Prime World, the upcoming free to play social strategy game from the Russian developper Nival, which developped several popular games including Heroes of Might and Magic V. Nival is planning to launch the Russian closed beta later this year and the English beta in the first quarter of 2012.

In Prime World, two factions are fighting in order to conquer land and resources, and take the control of the map.

You can choose between Empyrian faction, science and technology focused, and the Adornian faction, who lives in harmony with nature and uses magic. You can choose from more than 15 heros for each faction, each with his own skills and abilities. On one hand, you fight on the map with your party trying to take control of some strategic points of the map, and on the other hand, you build and develop your castle with buildings that give you bonuses and help your heroes.You control your hero with the mouse, both for combat and for deplacement.
Last but not least, Future Sound of London signed the game's music.

Prime World is a cross-platform, social strategy game, which fuses the intense action of competitive multiplayer online battle arena sessions with the fun, social pleasures of castle building and hero recruiting.
The game's multiple and varied features are paired with real social dynamics, which reward players who use their social network strategically to advance in the game. Players can download the fierce strategy game for free and play the collaborative and competitive social game through web browsers, Android and iOS.

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