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- Gamescom 2011 - Gamania unveils Koihime Musou

We’ve met the Gamania team at the Gamescom in Colonia and they has revealed Koihime Musou, their new Japanese anime style free to play browser strategy MMO which should come to Europe in English, French and German in 2012.

In Koihime Musou, you as a player are a Lord of a small village, under the command of one of the kingdoms of the So, the Gi or the Shoku. While building said village into a bustling city, you will go on research unit types and formations, recruit soldiers and employ tough girl generals, called Warlords. Every Warlord has special abilities and bonuses for aiding the battle or administrating your villages, helping you and your kingdom to conquer enemy villages and land in a strategic manner with various unit types and equipment. When all land is conquered, the game round will be reset and the top ranked Lords will receive great prizes.

Koihime Musou is one of the most established IP in Japan, and has been established by the adult visual novel and single-player strategy game developed by BaseSon. Soon after that, a range of manga books have been released, and to date, there are 36 episodes of Anime playing in the Three Kingdoms. With the browsergame for this IP, Gamania caters especially for connected Anime fans as well as providing a visually great game to build-and-conquer strategists.

Core features
• Tech Tree for military and resource management
• Missions and Quests both as tutorial and reward as you go
• Chat System for own Kingdom and Alliance within
• Equipment and backpack to customize Warlords
• Item Production for equipment
• Ranking System for most successful Lords
• Grand Strategic Battles for landgrabs
• Achievement System for Warlord collection

Koihime Musou has been released in Japan beginning of 2011, and will be opened in English, German and French in 2012.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 22/08/2011


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