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- Gamescom 2011 - Features of Fishing Hero

Fishing Hero developped by MNC a subsiduary of SmileGate (the developper of Cross Fire) it’s a free to play with a cash shop.

We tried the freeplay mode and we really enjoed it. Basically you just move around the different areas, you cast, you wait for the fish to bite and you try to catch it avoiding breaking the line. It couls seem boring but eventually it’s really funny, we really enjoyed it!

A variety of game modes:

•Freeplay (Non-competitive Mode) -RPG style mode recommended for users who do not like to competeand simply want to play at their own pace.Missions only for freeplaymode, quest system applies.
•Points Game (Team/Individual) -Whoever accumulates the most points wins the game. Increaseyour points quickly by going after big game that requires more fighting time and risk, or accumulate your points slowly by catching the largestamount of fish in a short amount of time. You need to make a quick decision based on your level and equipment,as well as your gameplay situation and risk management.
•Big-Game Fishing (Team/individual) -A mode in which you compete solely on the size of your catch; number of fish caught doesn't matter. Real fishing tournament rules apply, and coming up with a strategy to pick your fishing spots by boat and to calculate your fighting time is crucial.


1. More than 300 speciesof fish are featured, with super-realistic graphics
2. Popular fishing spots from all over the world are recreated using satellite data and surveys
3. Realistic fish artificial intelligence(AI) system
4. Different fish species appear based on changes in the weather
5. Great action and thrills (first simulation of real fishing techniques)
6. Diverse and realistic fishing gear and boat items

An aquarium system.

In the aquarium system, you can admire your catchesand share them with other users. You can even raise your own fish with the Pet systemfeature, which will be added in the future.

UI is optimized, providing only crucial information, whichallowsthe player to concentrate on the game, making it very easy to play. Very easy to learn and you can get addict to it very easily.

For the moment, there’s no CB date in Europe or NA. The game has already been released in Korea.

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