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- Gamescom 2011 - Exclusive Tera dungeon run

During the GamesCom 2011, we have been invited by Frogster to play a TERA guided dungeon run, after a short introduction of the game and its features, our guide played a priest, which was higher level than us, to keep us alive, there was a warrior, archer, slayer and berserker too, so we began to clean the instance by killing all mobs following instructions, the gameplay was so smooth, no fps drops, but not easy to handle because of the huge difference between the standard targeting system and an action combat system, where you move freely and have to aim to your target, while using skills that leads to combos if used in a specific order.

The graphics were stunning as we expect having arcade style skills effects that remind to old fashion fighting games. After some minutes we got to the first (and last for us) boss, which was pretty big, the boss dealt a lot of damage with AoE attacks, melee attacks and charges, since we had no real tank we all ate damage some times that our guide tried to heal, probably due to our lack of knowledge and experience, it took some minutes to kill the boss but we did it eventually, the boss fight was so smooth too and kept us on guard all the time trying to guess what its next attack would be and if it was a charge or a AoE to move away, was a fun experience that we wanted to share with you all since this combat system is a fresh air within the mmo industry.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 24/08/2011


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