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- Gamescom 2011 - Exclusive SWTOR presentation

EA and Bioware performed an exclusive press session for Star Wars: The Old Republic in a black painted room where they had eight computers for the live demo, some seats and an awesome huge screen with surround sound where we watched two already published videos to warm up, then we got to see the new trailer presented at GamesCom about the new feature of the game.

HUTTBALL, it’s a team based instanced game that takes place in neutral space (Nal hutta) so you will get to see players from different factions on the same team, basically is a Bloodbowl style game where you have take the ball, pass it and get to a specific position with it, problem is that you can get hurt easily so it’s a easy to play hard to master kind of game.

Finally they got into the good stuff by performing a live demo of the first boss of an operation (8 players raid), the speaker narrated the event while the eight developers fought with some minions, then destroyed 2 turrets and finally a huge combat droid comes out and begin to perform different attacks such as area of effect attacks, ranged and melee which eventually killed some of the dev team, but with the combat resurrection ability, there was not much worry about it as they got back to combat quickly, at the end the boss was destroyed and they looted three epic items from it.

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