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- Gamescom 2011 - DC Universe has introduced its new DCL

In the Gamescom, we had the opportunity to play the new DC Universe Online DLC, fight for the light, which brings the light power to the game, three new instanced missions and some of the Green Lantern characters, to be specific, we tried a boss fight so we could use more skills than killing easy mobs in a exclusive SOE presentation.

Having already tried DCUO we were really impressed with this new power, it brings a visual and fun way to fight, where every single skill comes with a complete visual effect like a bomber throwing bombs on you, a chain saw, two big hands slapping you from both sides and so on.

Since there were two of us fighting the boss it gets even better when you combine your skills and see train charging to the boss while a bomber drops some iron on it, you can choose the color of the effects so imagine what a visual show it would be to have several players fighting on the streets and casting all those skills and combos. Apart from that, the new content, quest line and characters adds more content that DC fans would love specially.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 24/08/2011


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