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- Gamescom 2011 - Features and details of Lucent Heart

Gamania team has presented an exclusive demonstration of the MMORPG Lucent Heart on their stand in the Gamescom.

Gamania has already launched the game in North America and continues the open beta in the UK, where it should be released in one or two weeks. The closed beta of the French version of the game will begin in October.

Here is a trailer that takes you into the game world.

Lucent Heart is currently localised in English and is being localised to french. In Lucent Heart, players will be able to join or create a guild in order to overcome many creatures, quests, dungeons, bosses and hope to achieve the level 75 of the game. Characters evolve under the influence ... of their sign.

Its unique gameplay based on the zodiac system should not leave indifferent the fans of traditional RPG, manga and avid gamers of a new experience. At the beginning of their journey, players will choose the zodiac sign of their hero. The first choice will impact all the possible evolutions of the character: his talents, emotions, affinity, or his fighting skills. Throughout their travels, the adventurers will specialize in the handling of weapons or magic. Lucent Heart distinguishes itself by its unique game system where players over their exploits will be able to be transformed into high-powered Knights, dressed in golden armor of the sign corresponding to their initial choice.

Unlocked at level 36 of the game, this transformation will bring a lot of surprises to the players. In the interlude of combats, players will enjoy the captivating world of Acadia being lulled by the dreamy soundtrack. Many bonuses will brighten up the achievements of knights: daily horoscope, original gestures and emotes and a system of meeting by affinities.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 25/08/2011


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