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Rusty Hearts has started its second Closed Beta Phase

Rusty Hearts has started today the second phase of its closed beta. All players that log into Rusty Hearts within the first twelve hours of the Phase 2 launch will automatically be granted a free costume item that will be permanent throughout the open beta.

Phase 2 will include these new updates and features:
•   Complete Town Restructure - Removal of portal "gates" allows for easier and more efficient travel through the game's outer hub worlds with less waiting in loading screens.
•   PvP System Adjustments - While experiencing an overall balanced PvP system, Intermediate and Advanced PvP arenas are now open for higher level players to face off against similarly ranked opponents.
•   Player Comparison Information - Compare your stats to other players and opponents, as well as help new players find the best way to manage their characters.
•    New Side Quest System - Track down ever-changing enemies and their locations with a wide array of quests displayed on Wanted Boards
•    Revamped Skill Tree System - Effectively manage your skill points to build upon previous skills and acquire new abilities
•    Advanced Crafting System - Dismantle unique items to obtain valuable materials that can be used for crafting advanced items including special weapons.
•    Deeper Item Quality System - A wider range of ranks have been added to weapons and gear in order to show their level of quality in greater detail.
•   Enhanced Looks for Weaponry - Get a completely new look for weapons that you have crafted compared to weapons that are picked up as loot drops.

"We are ecstatic that Rusty Hearts has attracted thousands of gamers during the closed beta," said Mark Hill, Game Producer for Rusty Hearts . "We'd like to thank the dedicated community of players for their enthusiasm and the incredible amount of feedback we've received."

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 25/08/2011


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