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Ace Online presents its new update

Wicked Interactive and the developer MasangSoft, presents a new update for ACE Online, with new maps and a new weapons tier.

NEW MONSTERS: Ice Cream Jet and Ice Cream Jet look like regular ACE Online airframe monsters, only they are crowned with ice cream toppings and an extra helping of attitude.

NEW MAPS: The J-ARK maps are an extension of the Episode 3 map chain. To access them, just the giant ship that inhabits Robenia City Orbit.

NEW WEAPONS: The new tier of weapons, available at the Weapon Machine, provides a new set of unique items to further customize your user display. Shooting monsters, and other players, will never be the same, with four new sets of weapons available to be won.

ACE Online is a great competitive game that takes players to the furthest reaches of the galaxy,” said Sam Ho, Director, Wicked Interactive. “With this update, the ACE Online community not only gets some new weapons and some great new maps to play with, they also get front seats for a fun, limited-time event.

If you’re lucky enough you will receive a special Ice Cream Armour or Engine Capsule. Opening these capsules will give you a chance to win an Ice Cream Armour of your gear type, an Ice Cream Armour contour (gives your current armour the appearance of Ice Cream Armour), or an Ice Cream Engine.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 07/09/2011


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