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What faction do you will choose in Shaiya? Alliance of Light or Union of Fury? Take your decission and fight for one of the goddess in the different difficult modes but be careful, because your character can die forever.


Asda 2 Exclusive beginner pack giveaway

Asda 2 with MMOGinfo is giving away an exclusive beginner pack.

The beginner pack includes(only 1 pack per account):

-Summer Festival Avatar Set (Exclusive to coupon)
-[7-Day] Premium Potion
-[7-Day] Dragon Doll Vehicle
-10x Teleport Scrolls
-10x HP Recovery Potions

To get this pack you only have to create an account and log in at Asda 2, then click in "My Account" in the top right, and select "Coupon" on the right navigation bar and input the Coupon Key, that we give to you.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 07/09/2011


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