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Pirate Galaxy announces its new update "The Sirus Singularity"

Splitscreen Studios has presented the  new update for its free to play 3D sci-fi MMO Pirate Galaxy. From the end of October brave space pilots will face astounding new settings in its new update “The Sirius Singularity”.

In addition to substantial content updates “The Sirius Singularity“ offers hundreds of new items, construction plans and numerous new spaceships in yet unseen shapes and designs. From October on players can explore the new territories accompanied by other players, the days of only linear missions are over.

"With the utmost effort man has apparently won the final battle against the mighty Manti Queen and has finally completed the mysterious artefact.  A new intriguing world opens up with the abatement of the Mantis: By experimenting with the now completed artifact a worm hole has opened up with destination unknown. From now on players don´t have to make their way across the galaxy on their own but can team up with other clan members to explore the mysterious and completely unknown “Sirius Singularity”. With new spaceships they protrude into the obscure new world where human pirates loot and prey upon the poor ruthlessly. Furthermore the Mantis forge out ferocious plans: They plan giving birth to an even more vicious and more powerful Manti Queen. So it seems the fight for absolute prevalence in outer space is not over yet: In the end an enemy appears that makes the long and enduring fight against the Mantis look like a walk in the park."

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 08/09/2011


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