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Preview of The Academy, the second faction of Sword Girls

Sword Girls, is a new anime-style online card game about swords, sorcery, and schoolgirls, and today has introduced the second faction of the game, the Academy.

The Academy is a prestigious institute of education that caters to the rich and famous, a high school for the high class. Its students have money to buy anything and maids to do anything, but don’t mistake them for idle rich who can’t support themselves.
Their swordplay and sorcery skills are just as good as anyone else’s, and wherever their life of luxury might leave them lacking, the hired help is always ready to lend a hand.

Take a look of some cards of the Academy deck:

Perfect Cinia Pacifica
Cinia Pacifica is the third daughter of the Pacfica family. Even among the aristocracy, she’s renowned for her wit and beauty. However, Cinia is more than just looks and grace. She’s got brains and strength, a master of both the pen and the sword. In battle, at the start of every turn, she reduces an enemy Follower’s attack and stamina by 1, both hurting it and dampening its ability to do damage.

Chief Maid:
Cinia isn’t alone, however. She’s assisted by her legions of maids, all of whom are coordinated by her Chief Maid. As a Follower, the Chief Maid fights on her master’s behalf, but as a professional, she’s got to get paid. Every time she attacks, the first Spell card in your hand is discarded, but her Attack rises by 2, adding to her already-impressive 6 Attack.. As long as she keeps doing her job, and you have Spell cards saved up, her Attack will just keep going higher and higher. She’ll attack even if you don’t have Spell cards to give up, but unless you’re prepared to pay the price, you won’t be using her to her fullest potential.

Mass Recall:
This is a Double Rare card, one of the hardest to get in the game. If you get your hands on this Spell and cast it, then all enemy cards with a Size of 3 or less are sent to the Grave. Any Followers on your side who don’t belong to the Academy are also wiped out, but that’s easy enough to plan around. What Mass Recall leaves you with is a whole bunch of maids that can pile damage onto whatever enemy Followers survive this Spell.

Other maids are, to the detriment of Cinia’s fine china, not always as skilled as their leader. Accidents happen. Too many cooks spoil the broth, and too many maids throw valuable and fragile objects in every direction. Accident is a Spell that makes sure that direction happens to be wherever your opponent is. Two enemy Followers have their Attack and Stamina reduced by the number of cards you have with “Maid” in the name. Considering that most Academy Followers are maids, this Spell can easily cut down your opponent’s Followers in a deadly hail of porcelain and silverware.

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