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Eden Eternal is releasing a new content update this September

Aeria Games, has announced today that Eden Eternal  its going to release its latest content patch in mid-September that includes the new Anuran race along with a new crafting system.

The Anuran are frog-like creatures who are an outgoing and companionable race, however they were once an isolated race prior to their visit to the central continent. The Anuran sociological structure has evolved since then, and they are now well-known for having a good sense of humor about practically everything.

This patch also includes:

- Player Shops: Players who are level 20 and above will now be able to set up their own personal stalls in the main town of Aven. To provide a structured player market, there will be marked designated areas where players can set up their custom stalls.

- Racial Special Professions: Level 30 characters and above will now have the ability to gather materials from the established guild towns and craft a wide variety of items.
Humans can utilize Gemcrafting to augment weapons and armor.
Zumi can utilize Engineering to unique gadgets with a multitude of effects.
Anuran can utilize Alchemy to create potions, dyes and essences.

- New NPC’s: There are two key NPCs that will be added to expand on the players’ game progression. Both of these NPC services will be able to be accessed in two hour increments and they provide level-tiered boosts and Fortune Bags. Professor Koss will provide players with timed EXP and CP boosts as part of “Eden Eternal Boot Camp” and Assistant Teren will allow players to receive different Fortune Bags throughout the day.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 08/09/2011


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