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Fragoria latest pvp update, Royal Feuds

Fragoria is a browser-based MMORPG and the last July celebrated the launch of a new global PvP-game - Royal Feuds, and today its the main event for all the players of the game.

Royal Feuds are the last element of global PvP in Fragoria.

- On Monday players fight for Idols - statues of gods, which can be put in dominion's sanctuary to give special bonuses to all players in this dominion.
- On Wednesday and Friday they protect own Sanctuary and try to steal Idols from rival dominions.
- And finally on Sunday they play two main games - The castle, which defines the strongest guild of the dominion, and Royal Feuds, which reveals 15 best players in the game.

Dominions are in fact separate game servers, but players can meet and fight on Carawan Way, a special location common for all server, and in Sanctaries in time of the Idols game. Dominions are formed according to European history. You can play for Hamburg dominion, Wessex, Wielkopolska, Russia and many others. The war never ends in lands of Fragoria, but people from different contries - Poland, Germany, Spain - sometimes join into great alliances, that can defeat their enemies.

You are free to choose Dominion to play for, but remember - most of people in Spanish dominions speak Spanish, in Hamburg and Bayern they speak German and so on.


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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 08/09/2011


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