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New patch of content in Eden Eternal

Today has been released a new content update for Eden Eternal, introducing the new from-alike race, the Anuran.

Also, all races will be able to tap into their Racial Crafting abilities to gather materials from a wide array of established guild towns and create a multitude of items. The Humans will specialize in Gemcrafting, Zumi specialize in Engineering and the Anuran specialize in Alchemy.

Along with a new race and new crafting system, the introduction of Player Shops will allow users level 20 and above to vendor to fellow players in designated sections in the main town of Aven. There are also two new Aven NPC’s that will assist players with distributed EXP/CP boosts and “Fortune Bags” at various times throughout the day.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 14/09/2011


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