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A new content update arrives today to Scarlet Legacy has launched today a new content update for its fantasy MMORPG Scarlet Legacy. The new content comes with a variety of new features including a massive Guild War system update,new skills, maps, dungeons, items and crafting recipes, mini-games, four new pets and a whole lot more.

In the content update the players can try new combat skills for levels 46-50 including more than 60 skill level advancements and 40 martial art stances. Players can find more than 80 new quests and discover a new store complete with over 50 new and improved items, more than 130 crafting recipes and new equipment featuring four sets of “Epic Purple” equipment. Additionally, those level 46-50 will enjoy four new types of
pets and their pet talents along with Princess Dialog for the Magic Mirror.

In addition the latest update comes with a ne outdoor field map, Faery Lake, and ten player dungeons. For PVP enthusiasts, there is the Demon Lair event and new mini-games will be featured in the Scarlet Legacy Arenas. The new Guild War system will allow 6 Guilds to join at a time with up to 120 players in a battle royale competition to destroy their rival guilds’ bases and receive powerful item rewards and Guild benefits.

This is such an exciting time for Scarlet Legacy; the open beta test is going strong and the response from players has been really positive,” said Uyen Uyen Ton Nu, Head of Marketing at “We have a lot to offer in this new content update and we hope fans will enjoy everything we are releasing tomorrow.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 21/09/2011


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