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Escaria has presented its new features

The free-to-play strategy browser game, Escaria, has received some upgrades for the users of the worlds Mictlan and Folkwang. The premium account has been upgraded, a Vacation Mode has been released, and the Trade Menu has been revamped.

Escaria premium accounts now include an integrated Minimap and with that the users have the possibility to name and bookmark frequently visited sites of their Island, and jump quickly to those points when needed. Dynamic zoom levels will also be integrated so the whole Island can be seen at a glance.

As the last new feature, is the new Vacation Mode. With this Mode, users can now submerge their Islands in times of lengthy absences as to avoid being attacked while on holiday. The Island takes 12 hours until it is fully submergedand when submerged, the Island is in standstill. That means no resources can be consumed, units cannot be built, building construction is halted, and the Island cannot be moved. However, the Island can immediately be surfaced at any time and its normal functions will be resumed again.

The new Trade Menu now have a option to find more easily sought-after trade offers. Moreover, the Trade Menu can be set to show offers pertaining only to a certain Resource.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 22/09/2011


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