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Dragon Nest is going to be officially launched the next week

Nexon America is going to officially launch Dragon Nest on United States, Canada and Oceania the next September 28. As part of the launch, Nexon will release a new update, which includes a new central town, danger-filled dungeons and an increased level cap.

Dragon Nest’s transition from open beta testing into launch will be completely seamless, so players will retain all of the characters, items and other enhancements they’ve made since the beginning of beta testing. Tha game has more than 500 new quests and an increased level cap of 32. Each specialization will have six to eight new skills to master, such as: the Sharpshooter’s Rain of Arrows, the Mystic’s Gravity Crush, the Mercenary’s Whirlwind, the Paladin’s Divine Punishment and other powerful new skills.

The world of Dragon Nest grows even larger with the addition Saint’s Haven, a sprawling new city filled with colorful characters. In addition to the quests that advance the main storyline, new daily quests will be available that players can complete for epic quality rewards. Ten new dungeons will open up with Dragon Nest’s launch next week, allowing players the opportunity to put their newfound skills into action. For the achievement junkies, players can earn more than 250 new achievements stemming from the new dungeons and quests.

A new season of PvP ladder shop gear will be available for max level players to earn. Faction vendors will also make an appearance for the first time, offering players who have earned high standing among the world’s various factions the chance to earn unique items and discounts.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 22/09/2011


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