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Core Blaze has unveiled new details of the game

Core Blaze was recently highlighted at the Gamania Game Show in Taiwan, revealing some new information of its action-packed gameplay, weapon-based freedom, and dynamic exploration. Core Blaze is slated for release in Asian territories in 2012, with the North American release date still to be determined.

Explore a World Full of Infinite Possibilities - In the game, the adventurers will discover exciting, unpredictable events and experience a world that changes in real-time according to their actions. With many side quests and areas that vary depending on progress, weather, and time, players may face completely different situations in the same location.

Cooperative Action-Based Gameplay - Core Blaze is highly action-oriented, the `players survive using evasive maneuvers and working together to perform coordinated attacks. Core Blaze was developed with gamepad support from the very beginning to accommodate the degree of skill and cooperation required, as there’s no room for mindless button mashing.

Choose Any Weapon Style - Players can freely equip their character with different weapons between battles, allowing them to potentially master each of the four weapon styles: sword and shield, great sword, dual blade, and long bow.with this players won’t be locked into playing a tank or long range role.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 22/09/2011


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