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Crossfire: Europe has launched its Open Beta

The online shooter’s with intense firefights Crossfire: Europe has started its Open Beta, that will run for three weeks on SG Interactive’s European-optimized servers.

In addition SG Interactive will not have a character wipe between Crossfire: Europe’s open beta and commercial launch.

The rewards for the mercenaries during the open beta, includes (The GPs are only valid during open beta):

– 2,000 Cash Points and the Frontier Card, an exclusive special, permanent banner that will appear over players’ names, that will be given out at commercial service, for the Players that reaches the rank of Corporal.

– 20,000 GP, Crossfire: Europe’s in-game currency, for purchasing a weapon in the item store, for any player who logs on during OBT will receive .

– Dedicated mercenaries who play at least 60 minutes every day during the three-week long OBT will be rewarded with a special bonus gift.

In addition, the players will be challenged with new features in the open beta, that includes:

– Explore the Transport Ship, an exciting and challenging map for the Team Death Match mode

– Players can develop their survival skills with the newly released Escape mode

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 22/09/2011


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