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Prius Online is going to receive some new changes

GPotato has announced some changes to Prius Online. The community the team has created a new server dedicated exclusively to PvE as well as merged the existing PvP servers. Also numerous events will welcome these updates and players on each server will get their own set of special contests to enjoy.


PvE players will race for mastery of beasts, dungeons, and more. One player will earn the name of Pero Whisperer by taming 11 of the wild beasts while their opponents struggle to master a single one. Only this player will be worthy of the Special Event Pero they will receive. Brave souls can also seize the Crest of the Conqueror from one of the many dungeons in Prius. Those who finish first will receive a special prize for their bravery and speed.

PvP players will battle for notoriety in a free-for-all headhunting challenge, with the most bloodthirsty villains claiming coveted items and the never-before-seen Pink Celero. Players with an eye on greater glory can compete in the Grand Tournament, a team vs. team battle whose greatest matches will be filmed and placed on the Prius Youtube channel for all to see.

Building on player feedback, the gPotato team has secured the next content update over a month ahead of schedule, the new content will increase the level cap and add new skills, new items, new regions, and new dungeons to expand the player experience.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 22/09/2011


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