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Black Prophecy has launched its the second expansion

Gamigo has launched the second expansion of Black Prophecy, Episode 2: Species War. This new expansion comes with some balance fixes for a smoother gameplay and allow players of all experience levels to compete more evenly in PvP combat.

In addition, all players will be given one free skill reset item so that they can revamp their combat strategies just in time for the introduction of Black Prophecy’s biggest feature yet. Episode 2: Species War heralds the coming of a full-blown interstellar war with the addition of warzones.

The Warzones are six brand new areas in which PvP players and their factions can battle for supremacy of the universe. Each warzone contains 3 sub-sectors: the Support Zone, the Outpost Zone and the Command Center.

Each sub-sector must be fought through and conquered individually before moving on to the next. Once all three sub-sectors in an area have been won, a faction can consider that warzone to be conquered. It cannot be attacked by other factions until a countdown timer runs out. Here is a closer look at the three sub-sectors that must be won:

Command Center: The main sector that has to be dominated in order to gain control of the entire warzone. Once players have made their way through the Outpost zones, the Command Center’s domination points must be captured. After all nine points have been taken by the attacking forces within 20 minutes, the warzone is considered captured and the warzone-specific player buffs are activated.

Support Zone: Killing enemy players in these zones gives a buff to fellow players in the Outpost and Command Center sectors that accelerates the capturing of domination points.

Outpost Zone:
Each Outpost zone has three domination points that have to be held by the attacking forces within five minutes each. Once all three Outpost Zones have been captured, the way to the Command Center is open.

Conquering a warzone earns you more than just bragging rights. Players can gain distinct bonuses and major advantages for winning each sub-sector for their faction. Those victorious will reap such high rewards as major XP and the ability to trade earnings for exclusive upgrade blueprints that can only be found in warzone hubs. As more outposts are won, the faction will earn greater individual and group powers, which will aid them in their ultimate goal of total domination of the known universe.

The community also has these great bonus events to look forward to in the next two weeks:
- Week 1: 25% more XP in PvP battles and no penalty for dying
- Week 2: 25% more XP in PvP battles and 25% more concentration

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