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Dragon Nest has launched 2 videos showcasing Saint’s Haven

Nexon America has presented two new videos of the upcoming content update for Dragon Nest, Saint's Haven, which officially launches the next September 28 in the United States, Canada and Oceania.

Dragon Nest follows the story of a band of adventurers as they battle the corrupt dragons and their followers in order to save Verathea, the once pure and beautiful world created by the goddess Althea.

New Skills

General overview of the update

Starting this Wednesday, new and veteran Dragon Nest players alike will get to experience more than 500 new quests, an increased level cap of 32 and 50 new skills to master. The new town, Saint’s Haven, also gives players the opportunity to delve into ten new dungeons, acquire rare and epic goods from new faction and PvP merchants and unlock more than 250 new achievements.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 27/09/2011


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