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Lucent Heart has launched its latest expansion Scaena

Lucent Heart has launched its new expansion ‘Scaena’. The expansion includes a custom Dance Creator with which you can use your music, and the moves you like more, to dance like you want. There are daily Dance Master challenges that allow you to know who is the best dancer around.
Through these activities you collect Dance Points, which unlock rewards such as the new Pet Squad system, EXP boost for Soul Mates, resetting skill cool downs and critical hit crafting abilities.

Other new features are the Guild vs Guild battle system that allows to challenge other guild and bring more reward opportunities for you and your Guild, including crafting recipes. In addition the level cap has been raised to 75, and 13 new zones have been added, including a new high level city, a ton of new quests, special instances, raid bosses and much more.

And finally the new Lucent Heart online store is now open for business. There will be a wealth of items on offer from the get go with new items added as the weeks progress.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 28/09/2011


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