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Frogwares has announced a massive update World of Battles

Frogwares has announced a massive update World of Battles: Morningstar . The update features the fierce new Steam Juggernaut in addition to new units, maps, achievements, class tiers, referral systems and upgrades to both premium and non-premium accounts. On top of all this you’ll find a new level cap, the option to control a disconnected player’s units and a redesigned HUD.

The Steam Juggernaut is the pinnacle of death-dealing technology developed by the Empire's Academy of War. There are now four giant unit classes, including the Knights’ Steam Juggernaut, the Barbarians’ Lord of the Frozen Wastes, the Amazons’ Ursine Destroyer and the Beast Folks’ Earth Elemental. Additional giants will be added in upcoming updates.

World of Battles: Morningstar update includes:

- New level cap –Now the army leader’s progression is increased to level 46. New unlocks yield great rewards, while leveling has been balanced to help speed up the process.
- Achievement system – along the path to level 46, players can complete achievements to unlock in-game rewards
- Quick Battle system - players can dive headlong into battle and play allies and opponents of equal strength
- Persistence Pays Off – any player to win 5 battles in a day will now receive a 25 gem reward
- Raise the dead! – If a player disconnects, his units are divided between allied players. These units, marked with a dark blue flag, will lend their support and can turn the tide of war!
- Newly revamped HUD – Identify master units’ special abilities seamlessly without having to choose it. A small ability icon will be displayed above the icon of every unit with active abilities.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 30/09/2011


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