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Halloween arrives to Bright Shadow with a new expansion

Gamania Digital Entertainment Europe has announced that it’s free to play MMORPG Bright Shadow will get a Halloween expansion today.

Hallowen Expansion new features:

- Over 50 new areas and dungeons to explore
- 8 new classes (Knight, Demon Slayer, Archer, Gunslinger, Mystic, Illusionist, Taoist, Exorcist)
- Raised level cap (from 39 to 69)
- Over 200 new monster cards to collect
- 1000+ new quests to complete
- Mentor & Apprentice System
- 50+ elemental titles and capes to collect

New Content - The expansion will enlarge the current world with new areas and dungeons to explore. During your travels you will be able to fight new monsters such as goblins, vampires and mummies. When lucky you will be able to collect their spirits and ‘imprint’ them on collectible ‘monster’ cards which will enable you to spawn that defeated creature as an ally. Also you will be able to differentiate your character into 8 new classes when you have reached level 40. Furthermore, Bright Shadow will have numerous new quests to complete. Last but not least the level-cap will be raised from 39 to 69.

Mentor & Aprentice system - Mentors can help new players getting acquainted in the world of Luciena. When mentors and pupils fight together they exchange familiarity points, which in turn can be used to buy in-game titles and capes that can have a wide range of benefits and/or buffs. When both pupil and mentor are fighting together, both will earn an experience boost. The strenght of this boost depends on the rank of the mentor. The 5th (highest) rank can give a mentor 30% extra EXP for instance. The mentor attains his ranks through the levelling of his or her pupil. But there is more... mentors get access to exclusive mounts, such as the menacing Elemental Kirin and from rank 3, they will get the ability to teleport directly to their apprentice.

Alan Lan, Product Manager for Gamania Europe said: “We have one of the  most loyal and welcoming communities in the world and we are very  excited to see how they will react to our Halloween expansion. We are  especially looking forward to the Mentor & Apprentice system as it  rewards both veterans as newcomers alike and will further strenghten the  strong bonds that exist throughout our playerbase.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 04/10/2011


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