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Metin2: Devil's catacomb patch

The new Devil's Catacomb includes eight new helmets, one new shield, three new accessories and more. The all-new Devil's Catacomb is designed for level 75 and higher Metin2 players.  Devil's Catacomb is located in the Forbidden Temple close to the gate of Demon Tower and has 7 levels for players to explore.

Once players pass the first level, there will be only one hour for them to complete the remaining six levels. Because it is a brand new map, some new items will be dropped from new mobs and bosses in the Devil's Catacomb. In the 7th level, a mystic basket will be dropped if players defeat the final boss, Lord Gahansel, which will reward the player with a large amount of EXP and gold, or other great items!In addition to the new Map, the patch also includes eight new helmets with each class getting one new level 61 helmet and one level 80. Players will also find a new shield which is usable for all classes, as well as three new accessories including one bracelet, one trinket and one necklace.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 13/10/2011


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