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Pangya has announced a new golf course, Wiz City

Pangya United, is preparing to launch a new challenge with the upcoming "Wiz City" golf course. Since no city full of magic would be complete without flying carpets, players will be able to use them to make deadly accurate shots. The new set of holes is Pangya's seventeenth course and marks the game's biggest content update in more than a year.

To celebrate the extensive new content, SG Interactive is giving players some special opportunities:

Warming Up for Wiz City – Pangya United players should perfect their shots to win big in Wiz City, and there's no better way than practice! Players who log in to play between now and Nov. 9 will get special in-game prizes such as Gacha Coins, Card Removers and Time Boosters.

Magical Billboards – Players can design a Wiz City-themed billboard for a chance to have it displayed in the game for two weeks. Players can use the billboards to promote themselves or their guild, and show off their art skills to the whole Pangya United community.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 25/10/2011


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