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Bounty Hounds Online presents its first major update

InnoGames has presented the first major update for Bounty Hounds Online named the “Cambrian Exploration”. The update comes with five high-Level Instances on a new planet to roam and explore. The various primeval and organic areas of Cambria can be admired in the new announcement trailer.

Other than the populated and technologically sophisticated Clear Sky Planet, Cambria completely consists of untouched nature, from lush jungles to icy glaciers. Players encounter numerous wild creatures and can use the power of symbiosis to their advantages, absorbing surrounding elements. They will even be taken high into the sky of Cambria to fight on the back of a giant flying monster.

Aside from the instances, the update provides a lot of added features, like the newly opened bounty shop, where players can spend collected rewards on useful items. The so-called PMCs, the four factions in Bounty Hounds Online have secured a truce, and can now team up to quest and play together. The Mercenary Legions can now use gathering robots to collect precious resources, and expand their influence and power

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 26/10/2011


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