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Rusty Hearts has revealed a new playable character, Natasha

Rusty Hearts has presente, Natasha, its new playable character, that's now available for players to access. She is a gun-toting beauty, who joins the revolt to avenge her brother's death and attacks with dual pistols, rifles, as well as a slew of firearm-related special abilities.

Take a look to this developer diary, that presents Natasha and some of this new features.

Natasha Muskets

Sentient Sonic Boom- This is Natasha’s Boom Stick! It’s a level 25, 400+ Magic and Physical damage Musket. Golden Seal Team top of the line. That’s right, this sweet baby was made in Bramunez!

Don’t let minions overwhelm you, strap on your Sonic Boom and let everyone hear who’s comin’. This hefty piece is no joke and will come in handy no matter what the occasion.

Eraser- Pick up your Eraser and shout to your fallen enemies, “You’ve just been erased!” Look no further for a musket fit for a boss; this golden studded blaster is set to destroy everything in its path. Along with firing like a mad man, you’ll also throw incendiaries to thwart off hoards. Once upgraded from a Sonic Boom, you’ll notice a substantial increase in durability and damage.

Liberator- Be greeted as a liberator and go ballistic with this single-barrel wrapped around Natasha’s slender fingers. This heater will pummel enemies in to submission, or death, with ease. With monstrous magic and physical damage abilities, it’s difficult to resist. While it’s extremely powerful, it isn’t the toughest gun. You’ll need to keep your distance and play it safe with this musket equipped.

Natasha revolvers

Holy Peacemakers- Have you made your peace with Vlad? Peace was never an option, but you can pull out these gats and settle your score! Peacemakers can be acquired when you hit level 15, but they’ll serve you well as you embark on your journey through Baramunez. Think of these guns as a stepping stone to domination. Every man– sorry, woman– needs to start somewhere and the Peacemaker is your gateway to greatness. Sporting slightly less durability than the Stinger but similar power, it’s should prove useful in the field.

Stinger Pistol- Lose your Peacemakers and step your game up with a pair of Stingers. Once leveled to 20 you’ll be able to equip these compact, but deadly pistols. Besides looking like they were forged by Death himself, they’re extermely nimble and quick. Natasha pulls off moves swiftly and effeciently while dual wielding them. In addition to being speedy, these pistols are also one of the most durable pieces in Natasha’s arsenal.

Engraved Pistol- Ready to “man-up” from those Stingers to something for “big boys?” The Engraved pistols are highly decorated handguns that are meant for business. While they may not be as durable as the Stingers they pack a bit more of a punch by dealing out substantially more damage. Suit up or shut up; it’s time to decide whether you want durability or power.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 28/10/2011


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