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Halloween comes to Bounty Hounds with some events

InnoGames has presented some upcoming special events for its Sci-Fi-MMO Bounty Hounds Online. Along with the „Cambrian Exploration“ Update, the Halloween-Special will last until November 6. You can collect pumpkins from defeated enemies, players obtain scary items and weapons, even a gravestone bazooka.

Another world event has its premiere on Sunday, October 30: A gigantic tyrannosaur will rise from the ocean, wreaking havoc on the shores of the wastelands. Players of all levels should team up and try to defeat the monster.

High level squads can also explore the new Cambrian event instance from now on. A temporary truce between the PMCs allows players from every faction to play and quest together, so that everyone will easily find a partner for all the exciting challenges ahead.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 28/10/2011


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