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A Mystical Land keeps growing since its official release

A Mystical Land keeps growing since its official release. The fantasy role playing game has been released with loads of new features coming in the new expansion. In addition to the overhaul of the crafting system, it is now possible to move into your own house and get your green thumb on. Furthermore, seven new zones expand the world to a virtual 26 million square meters.

New Zones, New Weapons, New Bosses: In these seven new zones, new achievements, items and glory are up for grabs. But adventures are in for a surprise should they not head the signs of danger these new lands and challenges present. The evil and mighty Banshee Queen is  brooding just beyond the lush green meadows surrounding Ardent City. Lurking in the dark and sinister dungeons of The Cathedral, she lies in wait to consume the souls of unlucky heroes.Prepare yourself adventurers, five new powerful zone bosses have joined the legions of monsters that scourge both the new and existing areas of “A Mystical Land”.

Village Life in the Browser: Part Guild Hall, Part Farm House – all adventure: The critically acclaimed expansion “The Villages” will open a new chapter in “A Mystical Land”. Players can create their own villages and build houses with the help of their friends. Countless construction possibilities make each house as individual as the players themselves. The fun doesn’t stop there, players can grow their own crops in a little garden in the backyard. We don’t grow that useless fru-fru stuff here, what you plant can be used in mighty recipes giving you an edge in combat. Farming meets crafting in an innovative way that offers new challenges to not only craftsmen, but merchants and adventurers as well.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 31/10/2011


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