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ACE Online has released the Infinity Field 3 patch

ACE Online has released the Infinity Field 3 patch. Infinity Field is an instance-based Player versus Monster event, which can be done once daily.

Players combat through numerous stages of combat in order to receive awesome item drops.

· Defeating the IF3 can lead to very promising results. If you do well enough, you may be able to receive Caim, Andras, Berith and Eligor-inspired Boss Armors.

· The Shrine army has hatched a scheme to attack the mothership Osiris when they least expect it. It’s up to YOU to defend Osiris as you attack Shrine army’s new ship: SHADE.
· 4 new monsters will be launched to fend you off: Caim, Andras, Berith and Eligor. These elusive enemies will stop at nothing to thwart your advances.

XP Rate Increase/Log In for Items:
With Infinity Field 3’s release, Subagames has decided to provide all players with an XP rate increase of up to x3. In addition, if you log in to ACE Online and stay logged on for long enough, you will receive an item that allows you to fight in Infinity Field 3 twice a day.

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