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Vindictus has presented a new update

Having recently launched across Europe, the RPG Vindictus, has presented some new updates that comes with some new additions like previously unlocked worlds, two new gameplay modes, and a  new skill level cap.

The Lost Artefact is a brand new episode that sees players journey to the icy caverns of Hoarfrost Depths and face fearsome foes. The battle against the legendary Yeti clans and Formors will keep players on their toes as they fight their way to victory. In addition fans can also try-out a number of new bonus missions including new deadly raid Boss Monsters and a new area, The Hilder Forest Ruins.

There are also two new gameplay styles to be introduced. Hero Mode will test your might with an added difficulty level, but more rewards in return for defeating enemies. Gauntlet Mode will make you face your most dreaded enemies, one right after another. For players that survive there will be special rewards, as well as the chance for exceptional players to win a rare title.

As well as exciting battle environments, players can now also increase their skill and power with a new level cap of 60. All of these new skills will enrich gameplay through advancing combat techniques and abilities.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 03/11/2011


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