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The Open Beta of Brawl Busters has started today

Rock Hippo Productions has beginned today the Open Beta for the MMO action game, Brawl Busters. Starting today, everyone will be able to brawl their way through two new modes, battle with new weapons and outfits and join the Brawl Busters community online at the Busters Centre. In addition, all Closed Beta players will receive an exclusive item as a special thank you gift for their participation.

Players can expect a variety of new features including two exciting new modes. In “Rumble Factory” disaster has struck and scalding hot lava is making Busters think twice before leaving the safety of high ground. This new mode puts an exciting twist on Team Deathmatch. In “Free for All“, there’s no blaming teammates for losses; it’s a perfect mode for the lone-wolf kind of Buster.

The game update will also include something for everyone with a variety of brand-new weapons and outfits.

As a special thank you to all the closed beta participants, Rock Hippo would like to give all Closed Beta players an Original Buster exclusive tattoo and medallion for their characters declaring their status as Original Busters.

We are excited to officially open the Brawl Busters experience up to everyone,” said Howard He, President and CEO of Rock Hippo Productions. “We hope our fans will love the new updates, and all that’s in store for this next exciting phase.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 03/11/2011


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