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World of Ants has launched its spanish version

Today Online OciGrup has released the Spanish version of the free-to-play browser game “World of Ants” from Neonga AG Germany.
Spanish-speaking players can easily access the game and take part in the race for the biggest and world’s strongest ant population now.

To get to the top of the international ant-ladder, players have to develop their anthill step by step. They have to build up ressources and do research on soldier ants – all this to create the most powerful and most successful colony on the planet.
Already hundreds of thousands worldwide gamers are participants in the exciting race for the largest ant colony. The game uses an item shop which offers players the opportunity to save time or boost production while they are building up their colonies. The premium currency is sugar which makes the ants work harder.

- Playable free of charge in the browser and on facebook
- Supports PC, MAC, iPad and Android Tablet browsers
- No download necessary
- Creation of an indefinite number of one’s own colonies
- Foundation of fortresses and cities
- Collection of resources such as stone, iron, water and wood
- Terraforming
- Research
- Trade
- Guild system
- Combat system with more than a dozen types of units

David Puig, Online OciGrup CEO, remarked “We are very happy with the launch of the panish version of World of Ants for all the spanish-speaking market. We are sure this game will cause a stir because of its innovation and fun

To celebrate this, sweeten Your Weekend! Starting now, you have the opportunity to get 25% free sugar in the World of Ants Sugar Shop. This offer is valid until Monday at 3pm CEST.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 04/11/2011


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