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Path to Purgatory has arrived to Martial Empires

Gamigo‘s action MMORPG Martial Empires, has luanched today the Path to Purgatory. Players are invited to fight their way through hordes of monsters on 32 levels of a tower, all the way to the mighty end monster, earning them fame and plenty of valuable loot in the process. The new survival challenge is just one of the highlights of the new patch: Horse, battle tigers and skeleton dogs serve as mounts or formidable battle allies.

Guild members gain considerable advantages thanks to guild research. They no longer need a torch, for example, in order to enter a dungeon, or they will find that they crafting time is considerably shorter. Adventurers are accompanied on a new quest series that stretches from Level 1 to 55. Enterprising individuals can earn themselves a golden nose by setting up player shops around the world. Random daily tasks will help players earn more experience and jackpot points. In addition to all this, the start of “Path to Purgatory” will be celebrated with a variety of ingame events.

Features of “Path to Purgatory”:

- New Survival Mode (or: new Survival Mode instance dungeon)
- Mounts and battle pets
- Guild research with many member bonuses
- New quest series stretching from Levels 1-55
- Daily random missions

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 16/11/2011


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