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Pangya United’s golf tournament starts tomorrow

SG Interactive will be participating in the annual Pangya World Championship, part of the renowned Thailand Game Show, held in Bangkok on Jan. 14, 2012. In preparation for PWC and to determine the top three players, Pangya United will host the Wiz City Tournament on Friday, Nov. 18. The top three players from the Wiz City Tournament will represent the Pangya global server to compete against nine other players from Japan, Korea and Thailand.

PWC The Wiz City Tournament will feature four rounds, with the first three rounds taking place on Nov. 18 and the final round taking place on Dec. 3. The Qualifier Round will be open to the first 600 players to enter the”Wiz City for PWC” rooms.

The Wiz City Final Round will determine the top three players to be sent to Bangkok for the Pangya World Championship. In addition to the all-expenses-paid trip to Bangkok, the top three players will receive PWC uniforms, awards and title as well as 400, 300, 200 PGC tokens, respectively. All final round participants will receive $20 Amazon Gift Cards and 100 PGC Tokens.

Participants must be 18 years of age or older to compete in the tournament and players from Korea, Japan and Thailand are ineligible for the Pangya Global Cup #3. In case any of the top three winners cannot attend the Pangya World Championship, runners-up will be contacted by the order of their placement in the final round.

Details of Pangya World Championship 2012 are as follows:

Pangya World Championship will be hosted in Bangkok at the Thailand Game Show at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre. The three best players from Japan, Korea, Thailand and Global will compete for the following prizes:

- Team Game Prizes
1st place team: $3000
2nd place team: $1800
3rd place team: $1200

- Single Game Prizes:
1st place player: $5000
2nd place player: $3000
3rd place player: $1000
4th place player: $500

- Community Prize:
1st place country: 4x EXP/Pang for the day after the game
2nd place country: 3x EXP/Pang for the day after the game
3rd place country: 2.5x EXP/Pang for the day after the game
4th place country: 2x EXP/Pang for the day after the game

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