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The games of Joymax hace received content updates and events

Joymax, has presented the new content updates and events for its portfolio of titles, Digimon Masters, Silkroad Online and Karma Online: Prisoners of the Dead. This games have proved to be very popular amongst both new and existing users of its ever expanding player community. 

Players reacted by posting a tremendous number of positive comments on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and increasing their average playtime which resulted in a record breaking number of concurrent users.

Digimon Masters addressed player requests that were related to experience point deductions and low drop-hatch rates: the XP penalty for extended game play was removed and the drop-hatch rates were increased. These improvements were widely lauded as a positive step forward by the community and in addition, several new Digi-Eggs were added to the cash shop: Renamon, Tentomon, Monodramon and Kiwimon. Digimon Masters also got a new server with the launch of Lucemon and that proved to be a huge success as CCU’s for the game increased by 50% with a huge influx of new users into all servers.

Silkroad Online launched a series of new events directed toward its entire player community, including special offers for members of its new premium membership server Genesis, to the delight of the gaming community. Players are enjoying major celebrations for the event including the “Fever of Creation” event, where all characters on Genesis will enjoy a boost in EXP/SP/Drop rates; this is in addition to the Carnival boost for experience and drop rates, giving a total 300% EXP boost and a 200% Drop Rate bonus. Players have also responded to being treated to new equipment, new avatar outfits and much more. The items that users were most pleased with in the Silkroad update were the “12th Magic Proof Stone” and “Premium Gold Time Plus items“.

Last but not least, Karma Online: Prisoners of the Dead , developed by Dragonfly, the creators of Quake Wars Online and Soldier of Fortune Online, launched an update with all-new maps and weapons as well as a variety of ongoing events that players are flocking to including: “Countries with Most Assists“, the “Silver Rush” and “Predomination“, where players are challenged to see who can be the king of the new maps added as part of this patch.

We packed a great deal of new content, new servers, special offers and much more into all of our games this last week and our Joymax community showed us how happy they were with the updates by increasing site traffic, game CCUs and portal registrations,” said Joymax CEO, Nam-chul Kim. “We listened to our players about what they were wanting from each of our games and we took it to heart so these updates were purely for the enjoyment of our players. The feedback from the update was overwhelming. We saw many users logging into the forums and SNS praising various aspects of the update from the many new items to the additional servers. Their reaction and support of each of our games shows us that they appreciated the new updates. We will continue to listen carefully to our users and integrate their feedback both in our games and our business model.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 21/11/2011


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