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Army Rage is going to be published on the European Markets

Yacuba Games is going to publish Army Rage on the European markets. The game is a new MMOFPS based on WWII which will enter its closed beta stage in mid-December 2011.

Some of the features that the players will be able to experience in the game are unique to a title of this class - use of many authentic WWII weapons, artillery support, constructing heavy machine guns and even driving tanks and other vehicles freely on the battlefield.
The weapons diversity and vehicle battles will help players experience the heaviest firepower ever seen in such a game.

Army Rage achieves a very dynamic gameplay by giving the players the opportunity to create one room with up to 6 teams or play alone against each other. Players will create their own realistic battle simulation by setting different missions and game modes and by combining unique abilities of different soldier classes to add up to the team success.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 21/11/2011


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