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The Black Friday is coming to GamesCampus F2P games, has announced today its Black Friday sale yet for its free-to-play games. Starting November 25th, players can take advantage of outrageous deals and epic upgrades in their favorite games including 9 Dragons, Heroes in the Sky ,Asda 2 ,Shot-Online and Scarlet Legacy

Exciting "Door Buster" deals from 12 am to 1am on Black Friday and exclusive offers will be available the entire Thanksgiving weekend.

9 Dragons will have some of its biggest savings yet with up to 35% off on all combined bonus card packages and up to 25% on all Premium Packages during its "Door Buster" sale from 12AM to 1AM.

Heroes in the Sky Players will receive 30% off of the entire shop!  In addition, all premium upgrade items are buy one get one free during the "Door Buster" hour from 12AM to 1AM.

Asda 2 will feature exclusive Thanksgiving weekend items from everything to select limited-release avatars to a Turkey Pet Booster Sale.  Players can also garner a special premium upgrade scroll as a Black Friday Exclusive and Door Busters will include a Premium Upgrade Supplement at a 120% Upgrade Chance increase.

Shot-Online will feature a variety of cool one-day-only gifts and sales including the exclusive opportunity to purchase a Black Friday Box complete with all the best items from VIP and EXP boxes.  What's more, players can purchase a new epic upgrade item available only for 30 minutes at the following times: 12pm, 3pm, 6 pm and 10pm-so don't wait!!  "Door Busters" deal: from 12am to 1am will get players 50% off with Buy2Get1Free Lucky & Gold Boxes.

Scarlet Legacy will have a multitude of cool upgrade and experience item boosters at up to 25% off.  The Black Friday Multi-Star Evil Pet Booster has the strongest pets yet and is only available for this limited time.  Players can get 1 out of 8 unreleased Evil Pets between 1-4 stars this weekend only!  Additionally, a Black Friday Epic Mount Booster will be available this weekend only, with 17 never-before-released mounts that can seat entire parties of players, plus so much more.

"The only thing better than shopping on Black Friday is shopping from  the comfort of your own home, and we're thrilled to give all of our  players this exciting opportunity for unique items, lower prices and  exciting Door Busters events," said Uyen Uyen Ton Nu, Head of Marketing  for "We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and  will continue to be loyal members of the communities of all of the  GamesCampus games throughout this holiday season."

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 23/11/2011


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