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Tour Golf Online has launched its first preview video, has launched today the first preview video of their upcoming title, Tour Golf Online. The video introduces the players to the world of Tour Golf, which was designed using the CryEngine3.

Basing their courses off of real-world greens as well as creating new fantasy courses, Tour Golf Online offers an extra boost of realism due to the involvement of Korean Professional Golfer’s Association members who are both testing and helping to design aspects of the golf courses that are the crowning glory of Tour Golf Online.

Players will appreciate the first glimpse of the game, including an aerial preview of several courses, alongside a stunning example of the look and feel of CryEngine3 in action. Whether your character falls into a hazard or makes the perfect shot onto the green, each shot is captured in realistic detail. Line up for the perfect putt and celebrate alongside your character in perfect clarity.

Using the CryEngine3 has allowed our team to design courses with real golfers in mind. We brought together real KPGA stars with the Games Campus team to test our engine. The pro-golfers even had a chance to design parts of the courses!” said Kevin Kim, CEO of Games Campus. “With stunning lifelike training areas, real world weather, and state of the art golfing equipment, players will experience golf in a truly lifelike fashion they won’t find anywhere else.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 30/11/2011


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