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WYD Global is celebrating a Hardcore Holiday Giveaway Event

T3Fun with MMOGinfo is creating a Hardcore Holiday Giveaway Event for WYD Global.

Event Period:
• Distribution: December 5, 2011 – December 25, 2011
• Expiration: Starter-Prize will expire on February 1, 2012

Item Rewards:
• 1 pc. +15 Ultimate Grade C Weapon of choice (81 DAM OR 36% MAP) (Ancient Option of choice) (non-tradable)
• 1 pc. White Santa Costume (30-days)
• 1 pc. Clydesdale Horse (30-days) (non-tradable)
• 1 pc. Sephirot of Choice (non-tradable)
• 1 pc. Eternal Stone (non-tradable)

To get your Hardcore Holiday Giveaway go to WYD Global and create an account, then log-in to WYD Global and create your first character. Upon a successful character creation, log-in to the WYD Global Website and under the Support Tab, click on Mail Inquiry to make a ticket for Hellgate Global (make sure to select Hellgate from the drop down option).

Inquiry format should be like this:
i. Title: Coupon Giveaway
ii. Contents:
a. Character Name:
b. Coupon Code:

After a successful validation of the Coupon Code, the reward item will be sent through your character’s in-game cargo. Aside from the redeemable starter-prize package, expect more prizes as you continue to play your new WYD Global account.

- Maximum of one coupon per account.
- Coupon Codes can only be used by accounts that were created on December 5, 2011 onwards.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 02/12/2011


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