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MapleStory has released Chaos its triple content update

Nexon has unleashed Chaos, a combination of three content updates for Maplestory. Each of the three updates has something new to get excited about. New skills, systems, strengths, a crafting system and a host of features comes with the updates.

The first part of the update includes The Age of Artisans and The Age of Heroes

The Age of Artisans
sees Maplers unleash their creative side for battle, crafting all-new weapons, potions, armor, accessories and more in an attempt to construct the ultimate battle arsenal. In addition, the opportunity arrives to truly define your character, with the chance to alter characteristics such as Willpower and Ambition, which can affect ability in your battles.

The Age of Heroes brings Hero class rebalancing, familiar monsters in a mutated form, and a whole host of new areas to explore. Maplers can gather in a party to visit the Knight Stronghold, the newest and toughest region any player has ever had to face.  In addition, old favorite classes such as Cygnus and Resistance make their dramatic comeback, with an awesome remixed skill set; other classic classes break their shackles, as Dual Blade, Aran and Evan classes all have their creative restrictions lifted.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 05/12/2011


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