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Operation Gamma 41 has merged its servers in a new one

Just A Game, has merged the current servers for their browser-based War Strategy MMORPG, Operation Gamma 41 in a new server named Valkirye.

The combined server will support a larger number of legions and alliances, as well as increase competition for hotly contested resources.

Valkyrie also heralds the arrival of the OG41 holiday events. From now until December 24th, players can log into the game every day for special prizes via the advent calendar. Throw open the daily door to reveal a special mission for the day. Complete these missions for a special reward each day, with the largest of the special prizes to be distributed on Christmas Eve. The more doors that a player completes on their calendar, the bigger the gift will be.

The daily missions give players yet another reason to log in every day and allows them to shape the new server’s story over the holiday season,” said Patrick Walter, Product Manager of Operation Gamma 41. “Even if you can only play some of the days leading up to the holidays, players will be excited at the full lineup of gifts we’ll be unleashing on Christmas day!

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 14/12/2011


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