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LOCO: Evolution is releasing a new update

Alaplaya, is releasing a new update to its MOBA-RPG Land of Chaos Online: Evolution. The upcoming update features a plenty of festive fisticuffs and chaotic cheer. Arriving just in time to ring in the holidays is LOCO’s newest character, Doora-Koong.

Doora-Koong may look like nothing more than a big ape who managed to find his way to the world of LOCO, but don’t take him too lightly, because its a simian combatant with titanic strength and an arsenal of wild moves.
Beneath that misleading exterior beats the heart of a cunning, capable warrior: the first one to pass all of the tests at the Colosseum of Glory and enter the hall of fame. Doora-Koong has been fighting for over 1500 years, and he’s likely to cut your lifespan significantly shorter if you cross him.

Along with welcoming a new hero, alaplaya is hosting a number of holiday festivities in LOCO: Evolution, starting with the opportunity to win White Gift Boxes filled with coins and costume presents. There are also six new holiday pets to adopt, from reindeer to dangerously delicious gingerbread men, and an arrangement of delightful holiday weapon avatars for players to take into battle. Finally, the in-game town of Arhonnas is now decked out with hanging ornaments and falling snow that should make for a nice, wintry break between battles.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 15/12/2011


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