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A content update full of new features has arrived to Elsword

Elsword has presented a new content update that comes with fresh content by offering additional levels, character job classes and updated features.

Leveling Up - Players who have adopted the newly-added character Eve as their melee combat queen are in for a bonus upon reaching level 35, as they will now be able to choose between two kick-ass jobs classes: Code Nemesis and Code Empress. While either option increases Eve’s power, Code Nemesis focuses on upgrading her weaponry into stronger firearms and blades, making her a more lethal damage dealer. Code Empress gains an additional robotic servant she can summon, named Ophelia. Using the deadly duo of Oberon and Ophelia together, Eve has even more combo tricks up her sleeve.

In addition, the long-awaited final levels of the Feita world will become available on December 21, allowing Elsword and his team to take the fight to the home of invading demons for an epic and climactic battle.

Holiday Specials - Players can now subscribe to a limited-time newsletter notifying them of different daily deals, available from Dec. 21-25. Courtesy of Elsword’s master merchant Hoffman, tech-savvy players will receive advance notice on special merchandise available at the in-game item mall for discounted prices.

Upgraded Capabilities - The players of Elsword also can create their own machinima movies or simply record their best combos with a new video recording feature.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 15/12/2011


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